PRS Guitars

Electric, acoustic, bass guitars and also amplifiers and accesories!


Sound systems and accesories for every situation.


Keyboards, sound modules, MIDI players and accesories.


Pro audio & home recording: active monitors, studio and stage microphones, accesories.

Friedman Amps

Butique guitar amplifiers – heads, combos, cabinets and many more.

Joyo Orthros: Multifunctional guitar effect switcher

Are you looking for an effective way to manage your guitar effects? Meet the Joyo JF-24 Orthros Selector, an advanced audio track selector that offers users the ability to switch between different effects, amplifiers, and even instruments without losing sound quality....

New PRS left-handed guitars to be released in Autumn

This fall will bring fans of the PRS Guitars brand the opportunity to choose from several versions of popular models, adapted to the needs of left-handed users. The new guitars will feature unique features and aesthetics designed to meet the specific needs of...

New Duesenberg guitar models for 2024!

In 2024, Duesenberg presented a range of new electric and bass guitars that impress with both their quality and innovation. Some of them are already available in Polish music stores. So let's check what surprises await you... Duesenberg continues its commitment to...