Alvaro Guitars

Enrique Keller, SA is one of the largest manufacturers of Spanish guitars in the world. They have been manufacturing the ALVARO guitars for over 50 years at their facilities in Spain, with a highly specialized team of craftsmen. Alvaro design, build and export Alvaro guitars with a full range of guitars from beginning to very high quality guitars, using techniques that bring together the best of tradition with the latest technological advances.

Alvaro guitars have a strong international presence as a result of their strong clear export orientation. Proof of this is that ALVARO guitars are exported to countries in Europe, Asia and America, with the best distributors in each country, with which they have spent many years working together.

The sound and excellent finishes, quality materials that are built with careful preparation and involved throughout the manufacturing process, are values that make the difference when choosing an Alvaro. They have a wide range of over thirty different models, where you will find the guitar that best suits your needs, from simple models, made for beginners to the most professional ones.

Alvaro guitars are built in a high percentage of manually and handcrafted by their team of Luthiers. It is a highly qualified and have extensive experience in the manufacture of this type of instrument equipment. The selection of the raw material and processing it entails a comprehensive quality controls. In their facilities Alvaro Guitars have dryers, both natural and controlled for optimal feedstock. This is how they can guarantee their customers excellent condition and behavior of their guitars for many years.