PRS has revealed a new model of the PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin electric guitar, which arouses great interest among guitarists. The extremely affordable price makes it the best entry point into the PRS brand. But does this also mean a big compromise? It looks like not!

The CE family of guitars has been an integral part of PRS history since their first introduction in 1988. Now, in 2024, the PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin becomes the most affordable guitar in the CE series – approximately 575 euros at launch! This guitar, like many other models in the SE line, was a passion project of Jack Higginbotham, PRS Chief Operating Officer.

“It is difficult to briefly describe SE CE 24 Standard Satin. The price of this guitar suggests that it is probably a great beginner guitar – it is. But I imagine for some this also means that it lacks certain qualities – it doesn’t. This guitar is full of the attention to detail that has gone into the SE series: the neck, pickups, playability and feel are pure PRS. Furthermore, this new satin finish makes the guitar very vibrant since it is so thin, but it is also extremely durable so it can withstand some abuse. It’s the quintessential player’s guitar.” – comments Jack Higginbotham


The PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin features a mahogany body, a bolt-on maple neck and a 10-inch radius rosewood fingerboard with signature PRS Bird inlays. All of these features are typical of the more expensive PRS Core models, making these guitars an attractive choice at a much lower price. Available colors include Vintage Cherry, Turquoise and Charcoal, which look elegant with matching black plastics and nickel-plated hardware. PRS claims that the thin satin finish ensures the instrument’s high resonance, while the semi-matte finish of the maple neck ensures comfortable playing.


Pickups and hardware

These models feature 85/15 “S” humbucking pickups, controlled by a volume knob, tone knob with push/pull function, and a 3-position pickup switch. This is a typical PRS arrangement, proven to provide a versatile sound. Hardware also includes special PRS-designed tuners and a patented tremolo system, providing a solid setup that can withstand heavy use.

Final thoughts

Considering all this information, it’s hard not to be impressed with the new model, especially considering its price. The guitar will certainly be a tasty treat for both gigging musicians and those starting their adventure with electric. All we can do is wait for availability in Poland and the final price.