The selection of a new piano is a wonderful addition to your home or studio and the selection of a Samick piano is a wise choice. Their beautiful tone, the correct touch and the timeless beauty of cabinetry has made Samick the piano of choice.

Samick is the first piano maker to achieve ISO 9002 certification. The quality of workmanship is evident when you look closely at the fit and finish of a Samick piano. The world-renowned German scale designer, Klaus Fenner has created these pianos with a warm European voice. By combining the finest materials and craftsmanship with his award winning scale designs, he has created a piano that will make beautiful music for generations to come.

K. Gunner Benson’s skill and experience in piano design is evident in the refined lines and curves that make these the most beautiful case styles available today. The finest veneers and case construction assures you that your Samick piano will hold its beauty and value for many years.

The Samick grand pianos come in four sizes and offer the pianist a great sounding and playing piano at a tremendous value. The Samick vertical piano line offers the family with limited space a virtual upright grand piano. The size of the soundboard and the length of the bass strings rival many of the smaller size grands. Whether you choose a vertical or grand piano with Samick, you get the same great attention to detail and quality of materials. With proper care these instruments will last for many generations.