Galli Strings

Galli Musical Strings Company was established in 1890 on the initiative of Tommaso Galli, who started producing strings for musical instruments over a hundred years ago. At the beginning of its activity, the company produced strings made of prepared animal intestines. In 1950, Roberto Galli started working in the company.

The 1970s saw the introduction of the first innovations in the production process. The use of the highest quality materials, a hundred years of experience and introducing technologically advanced machines improved the strings quality even further. In 1985, Roberto’s son, Tommaso Galli, joins the company as the third generation of the Galli family. During this time, the company is slowly achieving full automation of the production process. Production is expanding and, in addition to strings for all kinds of musical instruments, a wide range of new musical accessories are introduced.

There have been many changes at Galli over 100 years, but the company’s main principle has certainly not changed: producing the best strings. Today, Galli Strings produces strings for virtually all stringed and bowed instruments – from guitars, through violins to harps. The experience of three generations has played a major role in perfecting string production.

Galli Strings is an international company, and their strings have been appreciated by musicians all over the world.