HICON Quality Connectors

HICON is a German company which produces high-quality connectors and components in Germany, some other European countries and also in Asia (Taiwan). HICON is regarded as being very innovative, and the company also produces complex custom solutions for the media technology sector.

HICON offers a huge variety of high-quality connectors at fair prices. By the way, HICON connectors are proven and famous for their high number of mating cycles and an easy handling. This is why they are already used in countless TV and broadcasting stations. To ensure a long-lasting and dependable quality, the mating cycles are mechanically tested by an automatic machine custom-made by SOMMER-TECHNIK.

The connectors labeled with the “screw+play” logo allow a high-class, dependable and time-saving assembly without a soldering gun or crimping tools.

When buying connectors, it’s always advisable to purchase brand quality, because poor connectors often have high contact resistances which defeat the benefits of a good cable.

Key features to look for:

  • a proper gold plating or coating
  • a continuous pin with no gaps due to a rivet or pressing etc.
  • low contact resistance values

Hicon offer a 5-year warranty on their connectors!