Artesia is a 10-year-old company that is a leader in electronic musical instruments market. Their offer includes portable keyboards and music production equipment, mobile pianos, digital home pianos, electronic percussion instruments and music recording equipment. The brand is distributed in over 58 countries around the world, and its instruments are used by a wide range of musicians, from beginner students to stage legends. Your favorite musicians probably use Artesia products both at home, in the studio and on stage.

Digital pianos

All Artesia digital pianos feature the latest in authentic analog audio sampling, and our proprietary RWA sound engines deliver the dynamic playing experience and sound of a standard acoustic piano. Classic style home pianos provide the authentic look and feel of traditional grand pianos and piano cases.

XKey, synthesizers and music production equipment

Artesia offers a complete line of portable keyboards, synthesizers and mobile electronic music production products that offer sound quality, performance features and ease of use. All models successfully meet the needs of players from beginners to seasoned studio professionals.

Electronic drums and percussion instruments

Artesia Electronic Percussion offers semi-professional and professional drummers a wide range of percussion instruments for studio, stage and home recording.