Drummers are a different breed. They sit in the back, but drive the music. Drummers don’t play the melody, but without the drum there is no groove. When a drummer is rocking hard they’ll tell you few things can match the feeling of hitting (and hearing) a great tom, snare or bass drum. As one of the oldest instruments in recorded history, drums and drumming can be found in just about every country and musical genre.

Ddrum story begins in Sweden – 1983. It was then, that Hans Nordelius (founder of NORD Keyboards) created the Digital Percussion Plate 1 – the first drum pad allowing for dynamic playing using sampled sounds. Crowned an instant success by the marketplace, ddrum’s innovative drum pads, heads and hoops quickly garnered a large and loyal following.

2005 saw the beginnings of what would become ddrum as we know it today when it was sold to Armadillo Enterprises. One of their first decisions was to greatly expand product line to include acoustic kits, snares, deccabons, hardware and accessories, making a full line drum company. Long considered an innovator in electronic drums, they built on that history by being the first to use 100% Ash shells for acoustic kits. Ddrum led the way with deeper bass drums at a time when they were traditionally only available through custom drum makers. Their blended shells (maple inner and ash outer ply) were an industry first as was use of Alder – a wood known for warm tone and punchy attack.

Quality. Innovation. Affordability. Ddrum mission statement says it all; “We design acoustic drums, electronic drums, industry standard triggers and high quality hardware that deliver the performance & innovation desired by today’s drummer.“

In closing, the Ddrum story would not be complete without talking about the people behind the product. ddrum is a company of drummers for drummers. So when you see the tagline, “Everything for Today’s Drummer”, what it really means is that they make drums for you…all of you. Whether just getting started or starting your first tour; for a range of players, budgets and needs, ddrum has you covered. That’s what ddrum is all about…and they’re just getting started.