Soundsation believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of creating music. This is the reason why this manufacturer’s products are easy to use, reliable and durably made, and easily available to musicians and audiophiles around the world. Whether it’s a speaker, microphone or guitar, all Soundsation products are designed by a talented team of professional musicians and audio engineers. They have been working together since 2005 and are passionate about creating unrivaled music equipment from high-quality materials with excellent performance and sound.

As a subnsidiary company of FrenExport, SoundSation focuses exclusively on musical instruments and sound systems. The company’s offer mainly includes various types of guitars and accessories, including: amplifiers, strings and accessories. Additionally, SoundSation also offers full drum kits, string instruments, keyboards, columns and much, much more. The company focuses on the widest possible offer to satisfy every musician. For almost 20 years of existence, we have managed to develop a perfect compromise between an attractive price and good quality products.