Manuel Rodriguez is tradition and modernity, art and experience. THey are exotic woods, the smell of sawdust and varnishes. They are passionate about the creation of their guitars; generation after generation they have achieved the perfection of a century-old manufacturing technique. Their creations are proof of their strong commitment to Spanish culture, which has led us to having a presence in more than 120 countries. They create the essence of Spain and bring it to the whole world. They are music, they are culture, they are Guitarras Manuel Rodriguez.

Manuel Rodriguez is made possible by hundreds of people. Their company is what it is thanks to those who work for it every day. They are the ones who strive to offer the highest quality products and to make them reach to all corners of the world.

Their name is the name of three generations of luthiers who have loved the art of guitar making, infused with all that surrounds it So, more than a hundred years after its foundation, each of the luthiers who have joined the family, the sales team, the people responsible for management and administration, and all those who make the brand possible, all of us are committed to the original values of Manuel Rodríguez, who founded the house: tradition, art, beauty, sound and modernity.


Manuel Rodríguez is a lot of people, a lot of people who work for all those people who share the same values. Their commitment to the customer is that which has made us grow and improve with the years and they are aware that their products only have real value when other ears enjoy their sound, when the hands of a music lover of the music are those that make that sound.