A new way of thinking!

Some of us are more able to develop this sense of hearing than others, but that doesn’t mean that we should only be offered two types of sound quality – one for professionals and one for everyone else.
Prodipe solution has been to manufacture professional products at a price that makes them available to everyone, not just the thousands of professionals who use them! And you don’t have to take our word for it.

Firstly, what is PRODIPE?

Prodipe is a French company and their aim is to positively engage with globalisation. Prodipe is proud to have chosen second-to-none manufacturers who currently supply quality electronic components at exceptional value. Prodipe also have no hesitation in saying that these manufacturers are Asian. And to top it all, company partners in Asia also manufacture many of the bestselling brand name products on the market.
By combining the savoir-faire of French engineers with the most efficient Asian factories in the business, Prodipe has managed to create: A RANGE OF QUALITY PRODUCTS THAT ARE GOING HAND IN HAND WITH THE FINEST IN THE MARKET BUT AT UNBEATABLE PRICES.
Research and development is carried out in France with regular input from Ludovic Lanen, who checks out how Prodipe prototypes perform in situ. When given the seal of approval, their products then go on to become professional tools that can rise to any occasion.
All Prodipe products are used on the biggest stages or in the biggest studios.And to reach such a high standard of quality for such a low price they have had to adopt some very particular methods:

  • The moulds used for products are fully depreciated moulds where possible – this keeps production costs down.
  • Development proces has been based entirely on the quality of the main components, whether it be the electronic components, the parts used on all products or the cartridges for mics. This trick of the trade is one of the reasons behind unbeatable quality at unbeatable prices.
  • Cutting out the middleman means that its possible to purchase components directly from the manufacturer; that’s why Prodipe can offer an equivalent quality at lower prices. They have Prodipe own distribution channels, reducing time to market costs by at least 30%. So Prodipe is focusing efforts on eliminating unnecessary spending without impacting on the core elements of the Prodipe product.

Since the advent of global marketing and the increased flow of savoir-faire, a highly priced product is no longer a guarantee of high quality. Prodipe not trying to criticise the big names in the market, but invariably, a top of the range product is outside most people’s budgets. Money brings choice, but if you have limited means, their products represent unparalleled value. And don’t be tempted to compare this products with lower priced brand name lines or cheap alternatives. When you compare a Prodipe product, compare it with the best the market has to offer and we know you’ll want to switch to Prodipe.