Strunal Schönbach

Strunal Schönbach is a traditional European producer of musical string instruments that builds on local craftsmanship dating back more than three centuries. The factory is located in the picturesque town of Luby, originally called Schönbach, in the western part of the Czech Republic, but its reputation goes far beyond the borders. Strunal has been offering traditional hand-made stringed instruments from the best European resonance wood for many decades. Its production consists of violins, violas, violoncellos, double basses and guitars. Thanks to their careful approach, these instruments are of premium quality and sound. Strunal is one of the most significant ambassadors of Czech handcraft and precision manufacturing. Professional musicians regularly test and play Strunal instruments, making sure they satisfy the needs of all customers – from beginners and intermediate students, to professional artists. Strunal Schönbach collects several honors for quality in numerous competitions, including a Silver Medal for Sound during the BassEurope ’16 Congress in Prague.

Product range:

  • All categories of violins: Stradivarius, Guarnerius, Maggini
  • Violas in all categories
  • Certified Master Pieces for discerning musicians and collectors
  • Double Basses in all categories with wide finishes range

Finish & Color:

  • Four colors: Golden-brown, Chestnut-brown, Reddish-brown, Golden-reddish-brown
  • Natural finish with transparent varnish
  • Colour-washed with sanded edges
  • Handmade Spirit Varnish
  • Certified Master Pieces for discerning musicians and collectors

Instrument Series:

  • TALENT – ideal instruments for beginners and intermediate musicians. Popular in many music schools throughout the world. These instruments offer standard quality and good tone. They improve the learning process of beginners. Easy tuning and good tone are superior to cheap musical instruments of lesser quality offered at the same market segment. This fact dramatically influences students in their development and learning process.

  • ACADEMY – these instruments are especially chosen by advanced musicians. They offer higher quality of used material, which results in better sound. In this segment, the quality of Strunal instruments has received great recognition all over the world.

  • MAESTRO – excellent musical instruments with long tradition of production and proven manufacturing practices. They offer the highest standard of quality materials and perfect sound. These instruments are designated for advanced students, semi-professionals and professionals.