Michael Reed has been working with PRS for over thirty years, searching for the unique species of wood, which are later transformed into even more unique instruments. His cooperation with Paul Reed Smith goes back to the times before the PRS brand officially appeared on the market. It was Michalel who searched for PRS figured maple, used, among others, for the construction of the first instruments for Carlos Santanta himself.

According to the company tradition, after 30 years of work, the employee is entitled to the privilege of receiving the so-called “staff guitar”. Michael, having unimaginable experience in selecting wood, decided on the recovered wood ( “Reclaimed Limiteds” series made of demolished buildings from Brazil).


The wood from which this unusual guitar was made comes from a nineteenth-century ranch from Brazil, and the top plate was additionally decorated with the image of a great crest by the highly-praised Floyd Scholz. Reed decided to put up a violin-making work of art for an auction, from which the funds will contribute to the American Bird Conservancy, an institution that conducts numerous projects in the Brazilian Atlatinian Forest.