This fall will bring fans of the PRS Guitars brand the opportunity to choose from several versions of popular models, adapted to the needs of left-handed users. The new guitars will feature unique features and aesthetics designed to meet the specific needs of left-handed musicians.

New features include left-handed versions of the PRS SE Silver Sky model, which was launched in 2018 in collaboration with John Mayer. This model is recognized for its design features such as the bolt-on neck and three single 635JM “S” pickups. The PRS SE Silver Sky “Lefty” will be available in two fingerboard options: rosewood and maple. The first one is offered in Moon White, Piano Black, Stone Blue and Storm Gray colors. The second option, with a maple fingerboard, will be presented in Overland Gray, Nylon Blue and Summit Purple.

The second model to gain a left-handed version is the PRS SE Zach Myers. The model, a collaboration with longtime PRS artist Zach Myers, debuted in 2010. The left-handed version of this semi-acoustic guitar with a mahogany body and flamed maple veneer will be available in the classic and recognizable Myers Blue color, as well as matching headstock veneer. These guitars are a response to the growing demand among left-handed guitarists who are looking for instruments with high sound quality and comfort of use. PRS continues its commitment to providing products that are not only high quality, but also tailored to the needs of all musicians, regardless of preferred playing hand.