In 2024, Duesenberg presented a range of new electric and bass guitars that impress with both their quality and innovation. Some of them are already available in Polish music stores. So let’s check what surprises await you…

Duesenberg continues its commitment to exceptional sound, providing musicians with the tools to explore new areas of musical expression. The new models include a wide range of guitars designed to meet the diverse needs of artists, from warm vintage tones to sharp, modern sounds.

One of the most interesting additions to the product line is the Duesenberg Julietta, an elegantly crafted single-cut guitar with bolt-on construction, available in both standard and baritone versions. Julietta stands out with its dynamic duo of pickups: a powerful humbucker and a subtle-sounding P-90, offering a wide spectrum of tonal possibilities. It is available in a variety of finishes, including the new, refined Catalina Black. This model combines sophisticated aesthetics with musical versatility, while retaining Duesenberg’s signature features, such as iconic details and a commitment to original, retro-inspired shapes​​.


For lovers of modern sounds, Duesenberg introduced the Fantom series as the brand’s first instruments with a shorter scale length of 625 mm. The Duesenberg Fantom Series S features a select mahogany body and neck, as well as a flamed maple top, which adds to their unique aesthetic. Duesenberg Grand Vintage II pickups deliver warm and clean vintage tones, and this guitar is equipped with an innovative volume pre-selection system for the neck pickup, offering a new sonic dimension.


Additionally, the company has introduced Fairytale Lap Steel in Harbor Green & White, a beautiful combination of attention to detail and craftsmanship. The Fairytale features a single-piece mahogany body, integrated capo and Multibender system, offering a unique tone and characteristic sound. The combination of a Duesenberg GrandVintage humbucker and a SingleTwin Domino pickup produces a unique sound, making this model a unique addition to any musician’s collection.

The new additions also include a bass model called the Kavalier Bass, which represents a compact, mid-scale design, offering a wide range of sounds in a discreet package. This bass features a solid ash construction, providing a powerful hit, fast attack and long sustain. It is equipped with a custom Phonico Splitbucker pickup, which, thanks to innovative electronics, allows you to obtain three unique sounds from one pickup. Kavalier Bass offers a 30.5-inch scale that combines playing comfort with richness of tone, thus opening the sonic palette from deep, resonant low to transparent high tones. These novelties show that Duesenberg is constantly looking for ways to enrich the musical experience, offering instruments with high-quality workmanship and unique sound characteristics.