Fact is, that PA systems market its getting larger every year. Producers still offers innovative solutions, so that client can have the best possible sound quality going together with low size of whole system. With this in mind, Topp Pro created their newest child.
VA42 its newest speaker system, which include 12″ sub woofer with class D amplifier and 1000W power and 2-way mixer, MP3 player and function to controll system via web.
VA42 is equipped with patented joint system. Modules with four 3,5 transducers can be easily disassembled and assembled again. Every module has option to rotate in 90 degree scope. Satellites connects each other with two-pin plug which transmits audio signal and power.
System assembly process is very easy and fast to learn. VA42 is one of the most compact audio-systems in Topp Pro offer. It features wide range of application, provides excellent sound results, and is equipped with software for mobile devices.