In professional boxing, the eleventh and twelfth round are called “master rounds”. Apparently, the similar maxim is guided by the company Joyo, who launched an assault in the last two months of 2018, presenting new R-series effects. The latest addition is the simulatior of the cabinet named Cab Box.


[img:1] The development of the Impulse Response technology (called IR) allows for faithful reproduction of the characteristics of the microfiled guitar cabinet. The race in the field of miniaturization allows to get a full-fledged simulation of guitar cabinets in the dimensions of the traditional effect cube.

Joyo Cab Box in addition to the IRs of 20 guitar cabinets also offers the ability to upload 10 IRs from other producers, simulations of guitar cabinets and 11 classic microphones. Visually, the effect fits perfectly into the aesthetics of the remaining effects of the R series, offering an extremely simple and clear design while maintaining a perfect price / quality relationship. [img:2] [img:3]